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Asian Formula 3 Champion by FIA


Asian Formula Renault Champion


Hello! My name is Joey Alders.

I’m a professional race car driver from the Netherlands, aiming for the top step. My goal is to be a racing legend.

My mind is not programmed to come in second, I want to win!

I’m not competing in professional racing to come in second or lower. Only the top step counts for me, so that is what I always aim for. Calculated though, I’d rather win the Championship than only one race of course! 

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Super License points
Motorsport races won


Being a racing driver isn’t always easy, but man do I love my job. Me and my team always work hard to get in the best results possible!

Frits van Amersfoort - Team Principal Van Amersfoort Racing

“Joey sees speed. That’s his talent. Besides that; he is a great kid, pure, without frills and sincere. This is quite unique in motorsport”

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